Sho Shirakata

Associate Professor

Birth Day Feb.16, 1959

Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Ehime University

3-ban, Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama,Ehime,790-8577,Japan

Hoby page (Amateur Radio)

Research Activity

paper list

Pesearch Completed (1981-1987)

1. Raman Scattering of Chalcopyrite Semiconductors Under High Pressure

2. Epitaxial Growth of InGaAsP by Liquid Phase Epitaxiy

3. Photoluminescence Characterization of Interface Stress in Heterojunction

4. Photoluminescence Characterization of Local Atomic Arrangements Using Transition Metal Impurities

Research in progress

1. Modulation Spectroscopy of Chalcopyrite Compounds

2. Crystal Growth of Chalcopyrite Compounds

3. Epitaxial Growth of Chalcopyrite Compounds

4. Band Calculation of Compound Semiconductor

5. Development of Thin Film Growth Technology